Friday, December 30, 2011

Restaurant (Re)creation: Rose's Breakfast Pizza


~From top- Rose's breakfast pizza,  my (re)creation,
close-up of (re)creation topped with arugula~

Rose's is pretty famous for this pizza.  It has the perfect combo of eggs, canadian bacon, cheese, and crispy crust.  The good news it- you don't have to wait in line outside of Rose's for an hour to fill your belly with this scrumptious pizza.  You can easily make it at home!  Its perfect for breakfast, brunch or dinner.  Maybe it could become your new Christmas morning or New Years brunch tradition?

  • 365 whole foods or boboli pre baked crust
  • Shredded fontina cheese (or asiago, mozzarella, etc
  • 5-6 slices Canadian bacon (or chicken apple sausage)
  • 2 eggs
  • Arugula, to garnish
  • Olive oil

Preheat oven to 400. 
Brush olive oil on pizza crust. 
Sauté or grill the canadian bacon. 
Put cheese and bacon on pizza and cook in the oven for 6-8 mins.
Crack 2 eggs and put them on the middle of the pizza.
Return to oven for an additional 5-6 minutes until whites of egg are cooked. 
Top with a handful of arugula. 
Bon appetite!

Rose's Cafe
2298 Union Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 775-2200

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  1. I tried this with prosciutto and it worked very well. I'm still working on getting the right balance between crispy crust and eggs cooked just right.